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Creative Edge creates handmade cutting and serving boards from sustainably grown and harvested hardwoods. Every board is designed, cut, assembled, and finished by hand in their solar powered woodshop in St. Louis, Missouri.

Their limited production lines and custom pieces push the boundaries of traditional cutting board forms and aesthetics, offering a variety of elegant patterns and organically inspired designs. The attention to detail extends to form as well as function. They consider how well each design will work for preparing and displaying food, but also how it feels in the hand. Right down to the subtle details, such as sculpted edges to create a comfortable grip.

The contrasting colors are achieved solely through the natural tone of the wood, never with stains or dyes, and finished with food grade mineral oil and beeswax.

They use full inlay construction—precisely cutting and piecing each design together like a puzzle—creating long lasting cutting and serving boards that are also reversible. You can cut on one side and serve on the other so you never have to compromise function over style.

Creative Edge was founded in 2018 by jeweler Peggy Eng and woodworker Steve Souder. The collaboration began with brainstorming a use for the remnants, or “shorts,” leftover from Steve’s high-end residential construction, custom cabinetry and furniture studio, Full Circle Design Works.

Peggy brings over twenty-five years of design experience, and a jeweler’s eye for detail, to Creative Edge’s out-of-the-ordinary cutting and serving board designs and patterns. Steve contributes fifty years worth of technical expertise as a production oriented woodworker to their limited production lines and custom creations. They both have a strong commitment to ethical and sustainable production, and using sustainably grown and harvested hardwoods and natural finishes.